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Michigan State

Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund

As a major research university, MSU is committed to furthering knowledge and improving life for present and future generations through the convention of research. From 2012 to 2017, the Be Spartan Green Student Project Fund provided financial support for students exploring solutions to our most pressing sustainability challenges at MSU. As of April 1, 2017, the program is no longer offering financial grants to student researchers. However, the Sustainability department is proud to recognize the incredible projects supported in the past, many of which are still on-going.

A photo of the founding members of the MSU Bee Club, shown standing next to the hives installed on the green roof at Bailey Hall.

A number of successful proposals over the course of the program used MSU’s campus as a laboratory to investigate solutions for critical environmental issues. Some of the addressed areas of concern include:

  • Reduced energy use on campus through more efficient energy technologies or practices
  • Reduced waste generation and increased reuse and recycling
  • Addressed critical environmental and ecosystem challenges, including climate change
  • Increased water conservation and management, both indoors and outdoors
  • Advancement of sustainable approaches to food, housing, health and transportation
  • Increased awareness of sustainability on campus through education and engagement

Many of the previously funded projects amounted to noteworthy achievements in contributing to MSU’s goals for sustainability. The Sustainability department still encourages students on campus to pursue research surrounding sustainability through other outlets, as we look toward a greener, cleaner future for the nation’s premier land-grant university.

If you have questions about the former program or about opportunities for research funding on campus, please contact the Sustainability department.