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Michigan State

Spartan Green Event Certification

MSU Sustainability would like to invite students, staff and faculty to embrace the university-wide commitment to protect MSU's critical natural resources by certifying sustainable campus events.

In this photo, an MSU student talks to a Sustainability employee during a campus tabling event. A banner reading, We are Spartan Green, is displayed prominently.

Events on campus can generate waste ranging from 50 to 31,000 pounds, challenging the university to maintain a clean, sustainable campus under the influx of material. With countless campus events taking place each year, MSU needs the help of every Spartan to ensure that campus remains green.

MSU continues to display leadership in all areas of sustainability—and you too can be a part of that collaborative initiative. Demonstrate your commitment to Be Spartan Green by certifying your event today.

What is Spartan Green Event Certification?

Spartan Green Event Certification will verify that your event is working to maximize recycling, minimize landfilled waste, reduce consumption, and ensure that products at the event are reused or repurposed.

Applications are accepted year round and evaluated based on the online form. Applications must be completed at least two weeks before the day of your event.

How can I reduce the environmental impact of my event?

  • Choosing locally sourced food options
  • Utilizing real silverware and china, instead of paper or Styrofoam alternatives
  • Picking a location close to biking/walking paths or bus stops
  • Encouraging carpooling amongst participants
  • Using public recycling bins to demonstrate landfill waste diversion

Why get certified?

Spartan Green Certified Events will receive a certificate and seal so they can be marketed as green events, which will let event attendees know about your group's commitment to sustainability.

Need help? Contact the Be Spartan Green team for other resources or consultations on planning a green event.

A picture of the Spartan Green Certified Event seal, which is awarded to organizations that successfully certify a green event.