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Spartan Green Certification

From 2010 to 2017, Michigan State University’s Spartan Green Certification program recognized units on campus who were taking steps toward waste reduction, energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable purchasing practices. The program certified many types of spaces through an online self-assessment, qualifying applicants for three levels of certification based on volume and impact of sustainable practices. The certification seals can still be seen in myriad places across MSU’s campus, from office spaces to science labs, indicating areas that are going above and beyond to reduce impact.

This is a photo of an MSU employee working on a desktop computer.
Photo courtesy of Communications and Brand Strategy

As of August 1, 2017, Sustainability is sunsetting the Green Certification program, aligning with a new departmental directive from the Executive Vice President for Administrative Services. As the program has experienced significant growth over the last two years, and more and more sustainability leaders have emerged across campus, we believe that the practices outlined in the program can continue to expand to new spaces without the online self-assessment.

To ensure that campus units can continue to encourage and incentivize team members to participate, we have created printable PDFs for on-campus and off-campus spaces that outline a checklist for sustainable behaviors specific to those spaces. If you have previously filled out a Green Certification application, you will note that the checklist aligns with the questions asked throughout the self-assessment.

We encourage managers, sustainability advocates and all staff members to follow, share and publicly post these checklists in all pertaining spaces. Additionally, you can download the decal below so you can continue to indicate to the rest of campus your commitment to sustainability.

The prinable decal available for printing by departments completing the checklists above.

If you have questions about the former program or if you would like information on implementing sustainable initiatives in your place, please contact MSU Sustainability.

Previous and current certified spaces: