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Michigan State


MSU departments, colleges and units can apply for Spartan Green Certification by completing the online self-assessment form.

To address the different functions of various MSU spaces, certification statements were created for the following categories:

  1. Information technology spaces: areas used  for computing equipment, servers or data processing, in order to serve the administrative or academic needs of a group of users or unit
  2. Science laboratories: spaces used for experimentation, professional research and observation, training in research methods
  3. Kitchens: areas used to prepare and/or provide food within residence halls, concessions, coffee shops, convenience stores or other similar facilities
  4. Offices: work areas and conference rooms specifically assigned to academic, administrative or service functions
  5. MSU Extension: spaces used for MSU Extension programs and services across Michigan

Units with spaces that serve multiple functions spaces should complete an application for all applicable categories. Certification is good for two years – 2013-14 certified spaces (PDF) expire in October 2016.